Author: Rakesh Malviya

2021 Top 5 HTML theme

Hello Friends, Web development any website on the internet based on two methods, one is coding from scratch and the other is using ready-made templates. The first method required coding knowledge. But in the second method, You don’t need any coding knowledge. There you can use ready-made themes to give a professional look to your

Top 5 CSS hover effect

Hello friends, If you are a web designer or web developer then you need to know about the advanced CSS hover effect. you can give an advanced animation effect on the button, navigation menu, model popup, images, sidebar, etc. What is CSS CSS ( Cascading style sheet ) is one type of style sheet that

How to Grow YouTube Subscribers in 2021

Hello Friends, nowadays everyone is creating their own channel on YouTube, but after creating a YouTube channel, we need subscribers. In common words, the subscriber is a customer. Suppose you uploaded a video on YouTube channel, after uploading the video, people watch it. After doing this, people who like this video and channel subscribe to them. All

YouTube Channel Advanced Settings

Hello friends, many people create a channel on YouTube, but after making the channel, they are unable to do their advanced settings, due to which views and subscribers decrease. Most of the new Youtubers work hard day and night to make channels grow, but even after working hard day and night, due to not becoming

How to Create YouTube Channel in Mobile

Hello friends, every person have some skills inside the world, and he takes the help of social media platforms to make his art accessible to people like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. At least 60% of the population in the world has smartphones. Every person wants to socialize themselves and use YouTube and other social media