Background Photo Editing in Picsart

Friends, normally you take a photo from your phone, the background of that photo is not good. That’s the reason you don’t post your photo on social media. But don’t worry friends, I have a unique photo editing application to change photo background in a professional way.

What is PicsArt Application

Although there are a lot of photo editing applications that exist on the internet. But Picsart Editing application is the most widely used mobile photo editing application in the world. With the help of the PicsArt app, you can change the photo background in the shortest time in a professional manner.

PicsArt application has lots of photo effect tools. You can use these tools to add additional effects to your photo like splash effect, dual-tone effect, cinematic effect, photo manipulation effect, etc.

Step of Photo Editing in PicsArt

  1. Download the PicsArt application from the google play store.
  2. Open the PicsArt app on your mobile phone.
  3. Click on the bottom plus icon and again click on all photo options placed at the top right side.
  4. Add highway background image from your mobile gallery.
  5. After adding the background image, click on the bottom slider menu add the photo option.
  6. Add the milestone image and click on the cutout option.
select hd background
click on add photo
click cut out option
  1. Erase extra background from the milestone image.
  2. Set image in the middle of the highway.
  3. Click add photo, select shadow image, and place at bottom of the milestone.

add shadow photo
set shadow photo
add model png
  1. After that add your png image from your mobile gallery and erase the background if the image has already a background.
  2. Set your image right side of the stone and add a shadow effect at bottom of the object.
  3. Click on the add photo option and select bike image
  4. By leans menu, adding lighting effect on bike headlight.
  5. For Cinematic view add light png and place at top of the image.
set object
add bike image
add light png
  1. save the image by the right arrow in HD format.

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Picsart me background kaise change kare

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Background photo editing in picsart

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background photo editing

Download all images from here

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