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2021 Top 5 HTML theme

Hello Friends, Web development any website on the internet based on two methods, one is coding from scratch and the other is using ready-made templates. The first method required coding knowledge. But in the second method, You don’t need any coding knowledge. There you can use ready-made themes to give a professional look to your

Top 5 CSS hover effect

Hello friends, If you are a web designer or web developer then you need to know about the advanced CSS hover effect. you can give an advanced animation effect on the button, navigation menu, model popup, images, sidebar, etc. What is CSS CSS ( Cascading style sheet ) is one type of style sheet that

What is Bootstrap and its Advantages

Hello friends, technology is changing day by day. before 2010 every person opens a website on desktop and laptop devices, but now everything has changed because everyone has a smartphone due to the technology being digital. In this run-of-the-mill life, not everyone has enough time and cannot open your website on desktop and laptop devices.