How to Change Background in PicsArt App

Hello friends, my name is Rakesh, and welcome to our blog. Through this blog, I’m going to teach you how to change the background of the photo within two minutes. yes friends you can change it by erasing the background of any photo here.

Why Necessary To Remove Photo Background

Friends, often we see that the background of the photo is not good when capturing a photo from the mobile, due to the background of the photo not being professional, we would give the photo to graphics expert and you have to pay for it. but in this blog, I will tell such a mobile application that will help you to professionally change the background of your photo free of cost.

Although there are many mobile applications with which you can change the background of a photo, but there is an application that allows changing the background of an image in a manner and clear way, with the help of additional effects and tools.

Yes, Friends, I am going to talk about the PicsArt photo editing application. The photo-editing application Picsart is very useful for change photo background in a professional way and can also save in HD quality.

Steps of Photo Background Change

  1. Download PicsArt Mobile Application From Google Play store.
  2. After downloading, you will see a P-type icon on your mobile home screen and click the PicsArt application.
  3. Here the plus icon showing at bottom of the page. Click this plus icon.
Download PicsArt from playstore
Open PicsArt in mobile
Click on plus icon
  1. Click on the All Photos option on the top right side.
  2. Download Hd background from free website and
  3. After inserting the background image click on all photo options at the bottom slider.
Select all photo option
Add Hd background
Add your photo
  1. Insert your picture from the mobile gallery and click on the slider cutout option.
  2. With the help of a fingertip, select your image object. After that click on the arrow button, you see at the top.
  3. Now, your image will be completely erased to the background. Click on the arrow button.
click cutout option
select object
click on arrow to save photo
  1. Click on the save button option.
  2. After this, your photo will be saved in your mobile gallery.

Download link Here:-

Download picsart photo

Photo background change in 1 minute

photo background change
Download picsart photo
Picsart photo background change

Download picsart photo
Picsart photo editing
Download picsart photo

After changing the background of the photo, you can add extra effects to the image. The PicsArt application has a lot of tools and effects to manage photo background in a better way.

Inside the PicsArt application have many effects like saturation, contrast, brightness, shadow, etc. We can also add texts, borders on the image.

Basic effect use in photo background change

Brightness effect:- Brightness means whatever darkness and lightness are used over the entire image. When you increase brightness then the image will be in a lighter color effect.

Saturation effect:- Saturation means color density. lightness control over the brightness effect.

Contrast effect:- By increasing the contrast effect, the area that is light in you becomes lighter and the dark areas become darker.

Friends, with the help of the above tips and tricks you can easily do photo editing inside your mobile. I hope you like this blog and tell me by commenting.


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