How to Create a Website on Blogger

Hello friends, welcome to the Rkweb blog. In today’s era, everyone wants to make their website and blog, but not everyone has a technical background, they do not have knowledge of coding. To solve this problem, Google developed a website/blog creating a free tool called Blogspot. We can also call it a blogger. An ordinary person can also create their own website using Blogspot. Everyone can make their business online by using Blogspot.

Advantage of Blogspot

  1. We can save money and time using Blogspot.
  2. Blogger provides a free ready-made professional theme.
  3. Easy to customize the theme.
  4. User-friendly Interface.
  5. We can create a website/ blog by opening the Blogspot website in mobile.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. We can create a website in less than 30 minutes.
  8. We can also earn money online by Blogging.

Basic requirement for creating blogging website

  1. basic knowledge of computer
  2. Gmail account

Steps for developing blog website

1.First of all go to any web browser and type


2. Top right side click on sign in button.

3. Enter your Gmail id.

4. In this panel you have to write the name of your blog in front and extension in here .blogspot.

enter gmail id
add your blog name

It will be important to keep in mind here that the name of the blog you are writing should be unique. Unique means when you type your blog name in this panel that time google crawler automatically finds that name that is available or not. If the same blog name found anywhere on the internet then show an error message like “domain already exists”.

4. After type name of your blog click on next button.

5. On the next page type your display name. Here display name means your profile name which will appear in the user’s comment box.

blog display name

6. Click on finish button.

7. Now your blog website is created.

8. for insert data in the blog by click on top left side new post button.

create new post in Blogger

9. To create posts, write some text, and insert images. There is also a text editor, due to which I can beautify our content even better. With the help of the insert image menu, upload images from our computer.

Add text and image

10. Here the page option, we can create new pages for our website. like about us, contact us, etc.

11. Many of the templates in the Blogspot is free. You can use the free templates by going to the theme option on the left side and you can easily customize them.

Add ready made template

12. through the stats option, we can see the traffic type and analytics.

13. Any user who comes to the website and the comments on the post. That will be shown in the comment box.

Difference between website and blog

The website works on a particular topic of the company. For example Amazon company which provide grocery item to the customer. Here Amazon is a website.

The blog is a small website. Where Bloggers share their knowledge with people through blogs.

How to earn money from blogger

Blogspot is a free platform for blogging. Everyone makes their blog on Blogger. Through blogging, we can earn more money.

After creating the blog, you have to submit your blog in the web master tool of google, with the help of which the adds also come from google, and due to high traffic on blog earn more money.

How to get more traffic on your blog

Before writing a blog on the internet, a few things you should keep in mind that how to write a blog.

  1. Blog must be at least 600 words.
  2. Any content you are using in the blog should not be copyright anywhere.
  3. Use the bullet point as well, with the help of the user can easily read interesting fact.
  4. If you think that you can be successful by creating a blogging website in just 1-2 months, then it will not happen. you should keep updating the blog on daily basis, due to which your website ranking will be increased in google search engine.
  5. Connect any information that comes under the article to an external.
  6. There should be nothing grammatical mistakes.
  7. Whatever topic you are writing the article should be slightly different from others.
  8. At the end of the article should use a comment box. Users can give their feedback on articles and can also reply to you.

So friends, I hope you have liked this blog, if you like this blog, then let me know by commenting.

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