How to embed Google Map in Website

Hello friends, you must have seen a lot of websites on the internet, inside the contact us page of the website, there is a google map. With the help of which we can search for the location of that particular business.

What is google map

Google Map developed by google company. With the help of google map, we can search for the online location of all places.

Why google map necessary

To go to a place like a mall, restaurant, temple, or anywhere, that time you call your friend, relative and walking people on road ask for the location where you want to go. In this way, because of the misunderstanding of both, you sometimes get confused about which road they said. This is waste of time and money.

Suppose friends, you have to go somewhere and if you know the name of a particular place. In such a situation using Google Map, you can reach that spot in the shortest time.

Steps for add your business location in Google Map

  1. Download the Google Map application from the play store.
  2. Another option is to type google map in chrome browser.
  3. Click at the top left side icon.
  1. Now the left sidebar will be open.
  1. With the help of adding a missing business menu, we can create your business location.

Fill all information in popup boxes like the name of the business, category, and location. If you want to set the location of the home select the home category and for business select the shopping center category.

4. Apart from this, you can also give information about the shop opening and closing time.

5. Also add Company photo and phone number.

By filling in all your information, you can bring your business online and this processing will be completed in 24 hours. After Google Maps activated, if a client searches your business name in the search bar, then the address will be displayed, and they can contact you easily.