How to Grow YouTube Subscribers in 2021

Hello Friends, nowadays everyone is creating their own channel on YouTube, but after creating a YouTube channel, we need subscribers. In common words, the subscriber is a customer.

Suppose you uploaded a video on YouTube channel, after uploading the video, people watch it. After doing this, people who like this video and channel subscribe to them. All the subscribers have become a customer for you. In the channel, there is also a notification bell icon next to the subscriber button. The Notification bell icon means that whenever you upload a video on YouTube channel, your subscribers will get a notification of that video and view this video from there.

Friends, in the previous blog I told you how to create a YouTube channel. In this blog, I will tell you how to grow YouTube subscribers.

If you have also created your own YouTube channel and you want to get more views and subscribers on your channel, then read this blog carefully. You can use these tips and definitely increase views & subscribers.

Important Tips For Growing YouTube Channel

  1. Select Your Channel Category and Topics

Before making a channel on YouTube, you have to select which category of the channel you want to create. If you have tech skills, then create a technical channel. If you have a passion for cooking food, then you can make a cooking channel. So first of all you have to select your channel category, then you can grow your channel subscribers fast.

  1. Complete Setting of Your YouTube Channel

After creating a new channel on YouTube, you have to set your channel. Settings of the channel mean that you have to add all your personal information such as your name, address, pin code, channel category. After customizing the YouTube channel you get organic traffic on your channel.

  1. Upload Video on Daily Basis

Friends, you create a channel on YouTube, But after creating a YouTube channel, you are not able to upload daily basic videos, because of which you do not even come views on your channel. So whenever create a new channel, you have to upload at least two videos in one whole day. After which you can get a lot of views and subscribers on your channel.

  1. Create Custom Thumbnail on Video

When you go to YouTube Search, then the images that you see after searching are called thumbnail. If your video thumbnail will be more attractive, then people will click on the video.

There are a lot of graphical applications on the internet for making a thumbnail. Like Photoshop, PicsArt, Pixellab.

Thumbnail is made on YouTube has a fixed size 1280x720px

  1. Importance of Title, Description and Tags


Every video upload on YouTube has a title, here title means on which subject the video is made.

Word length:- The title that is written on YouTube is up to 100 characters.


You have to give details about the video which you have uploaded on the channel, which we call the description. In the description box, we can use the trending #(hash)tags.

Word length:- The description that is written on YouTube is up to 7000 characters.


Tags mean keywords. Your search on YouTube, we call it keyword. According to the topic of the video, you have to use the tag inside the tag box.

Word length:- The Tags that is written on YouTube is up to 500 characters.

Short-tail keyword:- This type of keywords made up not more than three words. Example:- YouTube features

long-tail keyword:– This type of keywords made up more than three words. Example:- Best features of YouTube in 2020.

  1. Manage Video Quality

The Quality of video also matters a lot to make the video in the search ranking. Because the quality of the video is good then YouTube will keep them in the search ranking and keep promoting.

  1. Create Unique Content

That the video you are going to make must be unique. Should not be copyright anywhere and the video you are making is made from your device itself. You have to show such quality for this video so people stop there and watch your full video.

  1. Intro of the Channel

The intro is a trailer of your channel. You can add intro before in your video and you can get more subscribers.

  1. Connect Your Channel to other Social Media Platform

If you are a new Youtuber and when you upload videos on YouTube, you will have to share your video on other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, So that you can get quite well subscribes and views.

Friends, by using all the tips given above, you can grow your channel fast. Hope you have liked this blog and let me know by commenting in the box.