How to Install WordPress on Localhost XAMPP

Hello Friends, Do you know what is XAMPP server?, how to install the XAMPP server on your computer? how to make your computer as a web server? how do people host their website on the localhost? if you want to know this, then this article is going to helpful for you.

Friends, you can post websites on the internet without having to pay for domain and hosting and you can also test your website with different themes and plugin.

To install WordPress on your localhost server its require two things

  1. XAMPP server
  2. WordPress.

What is Server

Freind, before knowing the XAMPP server, understand what is server. The server is needed to upload any website to the internet. Website store data on the webserver.

For example, when a person comes to our website and fills a contact form there, all his data gets store in the database and database store in our server. overall, it should be said that where the website is hosted, it is the server

What is XAMPP Server

Friends, xampp is not a server it’s open-source software and it is made by Apache friend company. After installing XAMPP on your computer, you can install any services link PHP, MySQL, Apache server.

How to install XAMPP Server

  1. First of all, Go to XAMPP official website in any web browser.
  2. In the next interface, you show windows, Linux, and os Xampp version download.
  3. If you have windows operating system download the 64-bit configuration.
Download Xampp
  1. Total file size around 180 MB.
  2. While downloading a popup window will open and click the ok button.
  3. In the next panel, a lot of checkboxes will be shown. you don’t have to do anything here. you just click on the Next button.
  4. Select the folder name where you can install the software on the computer.
select the folder of xampp
  1. Click the next button and start installing it.
  2. After installing is complete, you should start the apache/ MySQL server.
start Apache and MySql
  1. Now your computer has become a server and you can open localhost inside your browser.
  2. In the localhost, we can create custom HTML pages. To show index.html page in local web browser, paste .html file in c://xampp/htdocs folder.

Installation of WordPress

  1. Go to word press official website and click on the get WordPress button.

2. Click on Download WordPress button middle of the page.

download wordpress

3. After downloading WordPress file in Your PC then extract zip.

3. Extract file contain WordPress folder.

4 Copy WordPress folder.

extract WordPress file

5. Go to C:\xampp\htdocs location and paste word press folder.

paste WordPress in htdocs

6. Start Apache and My SQL server.

start Apache server

7. After that you have to check whether your XAMPP server is working or not, for this, you need to go your chrome browser and type localhost/dashboard. For check PHP server type localhost/phpmyadmin. FOR check word press type localhost/ word press.

8. In the localhost/phpmyadmin start the server and create a new database. here I create word press name database.

create database in phpmyadmin

9. Go to localhost/WordPress and click on lets go option.

10. In next panel type root name only “root” and click submit button.

11. Click on installation button

installation of wordpress

Now WordPress is installed in your pc.

How to open localhost in another computer

web pages created in the localhost only show on your computer. For this, I am going to tell you how to access web pages from other computers.

First of all, you have to go to the c://xampp/apache/conf folder and open httdp.conf file in notepad++. Find the word ‘ control we can search’ below this rename word ‘deny from all’ to ‘allow from all’.

Save the file and again open this file in notepad++. Here find the word ‘#listen’ and in front of this word change IP address. Put Your PC static IP address.

After this Apache server has be restarted.

If a person wants to be connected to this site. In the web browser put static IP address of your computer and after that whatever website hosted in your computer will be visible on his web browser.

This will only happen when your internet connection and Apache server is turned to on.

Different between localhost URL and Online host URL

A website created in the localhost only visible on your computer. Nobody can access on the internet. For example your website on localhost shown as localhost/

An online URL means that your domain name can be accessed by any person around the world. Online URL of domain like

Friends, by using all the tips given above, you can install WordPress in your PC. Hope you have liked this blog and let me know by commenting in the box.