Lightroom Background Photo Editing

Friends, it is often seen that the background of a photo taken from mobile doesn’t look good. People use Photoshop software to give a background effect on the photo. But Photoshop software required graphics skills and very time-consuming.

But in this blog, I am going to tell you about such a mobile application Lightroom, with the help the of Lightroom editing application you will be able to edit and add a high-level effect to your photo.

What is Lightroom

Lightroom application is free software developed by adobe company. With the help of the Lightroom application, you can freely edit and add photo filter effects.

Adobe Launch two types of lightroom, one is a desktop version and another is a mobile version application.

Why Lightroom an Important in Photo Editing

Inside the lightroom mobile application, a lot of tools will be seen here. by using it, you can add a filter effect to your photo. lightroom provides a ready-made preset you can use copy and paste property on your images. you can change the background of your photo in a professional way.

Due to the lightoom application being free, You can edit your own photo in your smartphone without spending money.

Step for Lightroom Photo Editing

  1. Download Lightroom application from google play store.
  2. Open the Lightroom app on your smartphone.
  3. Click on the plus icon placed at bottom of the interface.
  4. Select Lightroom preset from your phone gallery which you downloaded from the video description link.
  5. When you select preset that time it takes time a minimum of 5 seconds for rendering.
  6. Select preset and copy the preset option place at the top right side.
click on plus icon
select preset
copy setting
  1. Check tools and geometry options.
  2. Back to the mobile screen.
  3. Now click on the plus icon bottom of the application.
  4. Add your photo from your mobile gallery.
  5. Select the photo and click on three dots and click the paste setting option.
tools and geometry option
select your photo
lightroom image

  1. Now your photo background change in a professional way.
  2. Friends, if You have an extra blur effect inside your photo, then you need to do increase the exposer and highlight the bottom of the options of the application interface.

 Download aqua and orange preset here

 Download aqua and black preset here

picsart dark forsty preset

 Download Dark Forsty preset here

Friends, by using Lightroom preset in this way, you can give extra filter and effect inside your photo and change the background of the photo in a good manner. If you like this blog, let me know by commenting.


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