Lightroom Preset Photo Editing

Friends, we capture a photo from smartphones that don’t have a good background. So normally we use Photoshop or Picsart editing application to edit or change photo background. Both of the above applications required technical skills and very time-consuming.

But friends in this blog I will teach you a unique technique to just copy-paste work on your image. and background of photo change in just 1 second.

What is Lightroom

Lightroom application developed by adobe company. This application is an extended version of the Photoshop application. Inside Lightroom, the app has a number of advanced effect tools that provide a filter and glow effect on your photo.

Lightroom editing types

Manual editing

Manual editing means, use inside tools of the lightroom app like brightness, temp, shadow effect, contrast, RGB color code effect. These tools provide photo background editing with a professional look.

Lightroom Preset

Lightroom preset consists of many filters and glow effects. Preset file extension is .dng and .xml format.

Advantages od DNG file

With the help of the DNG file, you can quickly change the photo background in a professional manner. This is just copy paste work, so you don’t need technical skill.

How to use preset in Lightroom

  1. Download the DNG Preset file from the video description link.
  2. Open the Lightroom app on your mobile phone.
  3. Click on plus iocn and select download the DNG file.
  4. Select this file and copy the setting menu by click from the top three dots.
  5. Check tools and geometry options.
click plus icon
add dng file
copy setting
  1. Back to screen and add your photo from the mobile gallery.
  2. Select a photo and paste the setting option by clicking the top three dots.
  3. Now your photo background change in a professional way.
add your image
paste setting
lightroom photo editing
  1. Save your photo in HD format so click on the share option.

Download Aqua And Brown preset here

aqua blue preset

Download Aqua And blue preset here

Lightroom Moody Pink Preset

Download Moody Pink preset here

Download Red preset here

Lightroom Preset editing

Download Blue preset here

Friends, you can use the DNG file preset, apply on your photo, and manage the photo background better. If you liked reading this blog, then you must tell me by commenting.

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