Top 5 CSS hover effect

Hello friends, If you are a web designer or web developer then you need to know about the advanced CSS hover effect. you can give an advanced animation effect on the button, navigation menu, model popup, images, sidebar, etc.

What is CSS

CSS ( Cascading style sheet ) is one type of style sheet that means you can better design the website layout.

What is hover effect

Friends, you must have seen many times that if we move our mouse pointer over any button inside the website, then there will be some animation like color change, move to up, slide left, spin, fade and many more transition effect. These effects call a hove effect.

How to use hover class

To Give hover effect in any element, use: hover property. This: hover used after the element class or id.

In this blog i am going to tell you top 5 CSS Hover effect.

1. Fade-in / out Effect:-

Whenever you point the mouse over any web element like button, image, menu, then at the time its color change goes on, and after that when we mouse release from element back to the original color.

2. Shadow effect:-

Shadow hover effect used on many web elements like div, button, image, menus. When we move the mouse over the element that time some shadow effect appearing. This makes your element look in a 3D format.

3. Border effect:-

Using border hover effect change the border color of any web element.

Border hover effect:-Border trim, border round corner, border fade, underline border.

4. Speech bubbles effect :-

This effect is mostly used for website menu.

Types of speech bubble effect:- bubble top, bubble right, bubble bottom, bubble left.

5. Transition effect :-

The transition effect provides an advanced level of hove effect. This effect used by lots of websites.

Transition effect types:- bounce left, right, pause effect.

Friends, you can use these hover effects on your website element to give professional look.