What is Bootstrap and its Advantages

what is bootstrap

Hello friends, technology is changing day by day. before 2010 every person opens a website on desktop and laptop devices, but now everything has changed because everyone has a smartphone due to the technology being digital. In this run-of-the-mill life, not everyone has enough time and cannot open your website on desktop and laptop devices.

Friend, you get to see many such websites on the internet, whose layout not open inside the mobile device. Due to this type of website not being user-friendly, every time visitor has to zoom in and zoom out device screen, due to which our visitor leaves the website.

If the designing layout of the website is good and it is mobile-friendly, then google would also rank it well and more visitors would come over it.

What is bootstrap – A beginner guide

Bootstrap is a type of framework build from HTML (hypertext markup language ), CSS (cascade style sheet ), and javascript. It is used to create responsive websites and web portals. The bootstrap framework was developed by Twitter company employees Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton in august 2011.

Initially, the development objective of Bootstrap was that Twitter would act as an internal tool for the company. but after that Bootstrap was released for open source product on Github. after launching bootstrap on the Github, their aim was that everyone could use it freely and make it user friendly for their websites.

How work bootstrap

Any web designer needs HTML, CSS, and Jquery to do web designing from scratch. With to help of the bootstrap framework, we can create any website in an easy manner, because it has already predefined classes and using it in the right place. Bootstrap work like a grid system where we can dividing content into rows and column.

Advantages of bootstrap

  1. open-source framework:- Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework. Everyone can download for free.
  2. Easy customization:- easy to use and customize code. We can easily change the CSS style sheet and also overwrite the existing classes.
  3. lightweight framework.
  4. Save Time:- Bootstrap framework already exists a lot of ready-made classes and IDs, use them at the right place on the web page. We can save time for the development of the website.
  5. Cross-Browser Compatibility:- Every web page develop in bootstrap is supported inside every web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE.
  6. Responsive Design:- By using bootstrap, we can easily open any web page inside the desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  7. User-Friendly Design:- Bootstrap is the most user-friendly and responsive web design framework in the world.
  8. Easy to use:- With help of this framework, we can easily create forms, tables, header, footer, navigation menus, model popup, sliders.
  9. SEO friendly:- The website created by bootstrap is SEO friendly. because the site layout is available for every screen size like desktop, laptop, and mobile. The search engine places them in their Google ranking.

Basic skills requirement for learning bootstrap

Bootstrap is an open-source framework by itself and by downloading it, we can use its owe class and id. for this, common knowledge of HTML and CSS is required.

How to use bootstrap framework in project

We can use bootstrap in two ways, one by downloading and others by CDN file.

1. Downloading bootstrap:-

To downloading the bootstrap file, you have to go to bootstrap official website getbootstrap.com and install the entire CSS and js file in your project.

go to getbootstrap.com

download bootstrap file
  • After this, you have to extract the zip file.
extract bootstrap file
  • Open notepad, create New page with .html extension.
  • Create HTML page see in below example
  • Type CSS style sheet and js file in the head tag.
Bootstrap source file in web page

2. By Insert CDN File:-

If you don’t want to download and host Bootstrap yourself, you can include it from a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Bootstrap CDN file in web page

MaxCDN provides a CDN file for Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript framework. You must also include jQuery:

Important note:– Your CDN file will work only when your internet is on when the computer offline CDN file will be crashed. your responsive layout will not be able to see. Whenever you want to create a website in a professional way, you should first download bootstrap from its official website.

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