What is Domain Name and its Importance

what is domain name

Every website that appears on the internet has a name that we call domain. in other words, the domain is the address where Internet users come to your website. The domain name not only of the English characters but it also has a numeric.

With the help of a domain name, we can find any website on the internet. Every website has a unique IP address. For example (1211.23322.22). The IP address of the website numeric so we cannot remember it, for this use the domain name.

suppose my company name is Rkweb and I want to post my company’s products on the internet. For this, I have to get a domain name for my website. Since my company name Rkweb, so I want to take my domain name rkweb.co.in. The .co.in. here is an extension of the domain.

Why Domain Name is Important

Friends, A few years ago, the marketing medium was offline. Selling and marketing of the company products were done in the traditional way, giving articles in newspapers, explained company products through magazines and brochures.

But right now all the company has started doing digital marketing except traditional marketing. Digital marketing means bringing information about company service and products online to people. For this, every person is connecting his business to the internet. creates a website and transmits information about its product to the public and registers the domain name of his website.

How Domain Name Works

Every website requires a server to host on the internet. Every server has a unique IP address. The domain is connected to the server.

Whenever you type the name of the website in the URL box, the domain name is connected to the server’s IP address and the server gives you access to show to a particular website.

how domain name work

Different Types of Domain Name

  1. TLD – Top Level Domains

This is a top-level domain type. Google Gives priority to this type of domain in its search engine. TLD domain type is the Most SEO friendly domain type.

  1. .com
  2. .org
  3. .net
  4. .edu
  5. .gov

2. CCTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

This type of domain type is used by people living inside the country with the basics of the country two digit IOS code.

For example

  1. .in -india
  2. .us – united state
  3. .cn- china
  4. .br – Brazil

3. Second level domain

Second level domain type little bit different from TLD.

In co.in domain type .co is SLD and .in is TLD.

What is Subdomain

When we Purchase domains, the domain provider company also provide subdomains along with domains. The subdomain is part of the domain.

for example my domain name is rkweb.co.in. so my subdomain is blog.rkweb.co.in.

Friends, you must have seen that (dot) the extension is written behind every domain name and this extension can be .com,.org,.net.Like .com domain name states that this is a business website..org means organization purpose website..edu domain connected for educational website.

Domain Extension Purpose of domain
.com Business
.org Organization
.net Networking
.edu Education
.gov Government

How to Select Good Domain Name

  1. For you to do your business online, you have to register your company’s domain name. How the domain name should be? here I am going to tell you that the domain name should be short and it should be related to your business.let see the example I have a web development company, so my domain name should be according to the web-related word. so I prefer name is Rkweb.
  2. Don’t use special characters like hyphen and numbers.
  3. Always select the top-level domain type.

Top Domain Provider Company

  1. Bluehost
  2. HostGator
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Namecheap
  5. DreamHost
  6. Shopify
  7. BuyDomains

Difference Between Domain and URL

The complete address inside the website is called a URL and the domain is part of the URL.

Difference between Domain and Hosting

After Purchasing the domain, we have to host the website. Hosting means that you need a server to display your data on the internet and this server provides by the Hosting provider company.

How much cost of domain

Top-level domain price more than the second-level domain. The TLD domain cost starts at 7$. Many companies already purchase a unique domain name so that any customer can come in the future, they can sell such domain. This type of domain is very expensive.

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