Which is Best – Photoshop or Illustrator

Photoshop Vs Illustrator

When you start your career in graphics designing, the first question in front of you is which graphic software you will learn and use. In today’s era, there are many graphics designing software available on the internet, with the help of which graphics designing can be done. So it becomes difficult to decide which software will be good.

Best popular graphics designing software :-

1. Photoshop

2. Illustrator

3. Coral Draw

Friends, In this blog i am Going to talk about two graphics software – Photoshop and Illustrator. Which is the best in between and which can be learn in an easy way.

Photoshop vs Illustrator

Photoshop is the most commonly used graphics designing software developed and published by Adobe inc. for windows and MAC operating systems. Photoshop is a pixel-based graphics software. Pixels consist of a lot of dots, which together form of the image. Photoshop is basically used for image editing and creating photos. with the help of Photoshop, we can create creative banner ads and video graphics. Many photo artists use Photoshop to retouch their photos. Photoshop software is used inside every photo studio as well as in the company for design web graphics.

We can also edit photo pixel by pixel with complete control over project.

Basic tools In Photoshop

Selection tool, Marquee tool, Crop tool, move tool, Lasso tool, Magic wand tool, Pen tool, Zoom tool, Eraser tool, etc.

Work Area of Photoshop Software

  • Adding or Removing Watermark of image
  • Photo Composition
  • Color Correction
  • Banner, Flyer Designing
  • Photo Background change
  • T-Shirt Print Ready Designing
  • 3D Box Packaging Designing
  • Visiting Card Designing
  • Passport Size Photo editing
  • Web Graphics Artwork
  • Website Layout Design
  • 3D Mockup Logo Design


Illustrator is vector-based graphics designing software developed and published by adobe inc. in 1990. Now the latest version is illustrator cc 2020. Vector-based means there are lines of dots between elements. It’s a directed line segment with no space. The primary goal of this software is creating a logo, font, icon, illustration work, etc.

Illustrator provides high-end print quality. When we enlarge the image from 100% zoom level to 900%, never a blur the image. We can also design company annual reports and brochures.

Basic tools In Illustrator

Hand tool, Pen tool, Shape tool, Rectangle tool, Column Graph tool, Slice tool, Perspective tool, Paintbrush tool, Line segment tool, etc.

Work Area of Illustrator Software

  • Digital artwork
  • Illustration work
  • logo design, font creation
  • Brochure designing
  • Wireframing
  • Logo design
  • Flyer design

Difference between Photoshop Vs Illustration

Developed by Adobe inc. in 1987Developed by Adobe inc. in 1990
Raster based graphics softwareVector-based graphics software
Photo Editing and retouchingCreate vector graphics logo, font, icon, etc
Enlarge image size not possibleClear and sharp image at max zoom level
Work on single art boardWork with multiple art board at same time
Selection of the areaSelection for the object
Layer with a single objectMultiple objects in a single layer
Can work within the workspaceCan work outside of the workspace
Not good for logo designingLogo designing in professional way
Best for banner ads and video graphicsBest for company brochures design
Better for web designing Photo-based illustrations, digital artwork
Not better for sketching and wireframingBest for wireframing and sketching

Pricing of graphic software

Both of software developed by Adobe inc. If you want to use personalized, you can use it free of cost with 7 days trail. But you want to use it at company level, then you have to pay some amount for buy these software.

For download this, you have to go adobe official website. Register your company and buy premium version with all tools.

Skills Required for learning Photoshop and Illustrator

  • To learn Photoshop and illustrator you must have basic computer knowledge as well as color theory and typography.
  • The graphics designer Should have a creative design skill.


Friends, it would be difficult to say which software is best. Because both software consists of high-level graphics tools. The graphic designer will have to choose by himself which software will be better and comfortable for him. There is a lot of demand in the market for both software. Every web development and design companies use both graphics software. Big companies are providing job of graphics designing with good packages.

So which of graphics software you are using right now, please tell me by commenting.