YouTube Channel Advanced Settings

Hello friends, many people create a channel on YouTube, but after making the channel, they are unable to do their advanced settings, due to which views and subscribers decrease. Most of the new Youtubers work hard day and night to make channels grow, but even after working hard day and night, due to not becoming views on the channel. They get frustrated and skip the YouTube platform.

Friends, don’t be panic. You will find the best solution here. But you have to make basic and advanced settings within your channel. After that, you can get more views on the channel.

In this blog, I am going to tell you how to do basic and advanced settings of the YouTube channel.

Steps for YouTube Channel Advanced Settings

  1. Login on YouTube:- First of all, You have to go chrome browser and type On the right side click on the sign-in button and log in your YouTube Account with Gmail id.
login YouTube application
  1. Set channel art:- After login in your YouTube channel will see your profile icon on top of the right side. Click on this icon and select on your channel menu. Here you see at the top camera icon.
select on channel menu

Click on the icon you can set your channel logo and channel art. Design your Channel art with the services which you will given by this channel. Channel Art should be attractive.

youtube channel art

  1. Select the layout of the channel:- Now you have to click on the customize button and from there you see the layout option. In the layout option, we can put any video of your channel and whenever a user comes on your channel, then your trailer will be seen from there, whether they subscribed or not.
Channel customization
  1. Channel trailer:- Suppose you open the channel of other YouTuber. The first video you see after opening as called the channel trailer.
  2. Set watermark on video:- In the branding option, you can also set a profile icon, channel art, and put a watermark on your videos.
  3. Change and Edit Name:-In Basic info in the basic info menu, you can set the name of your channel.
add description and social links
  1. Add Channel Description:- In the description box, you have to give your personal information, which means if any subscriber comes to your channel then you can also contact from there. like your name and Gmail id. after that you have to give a little detail about your channel for what your channel is made for and which type of video you will post there. The description is written for at least 1000 words.
  2. Connect Your Channel to other Social media platforms:-You can also add other social media links to your YouTube Channel, as given here, you can add links to social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  3. Channel keywords:-After this, you will get the option of setting on the left side, there you will go and click. In the model popup clicks on the channel menu. Here the basic info option, you have to put the keyword of the channel. Keyword means that whatever topic your channel is made on, its related keywords are made to put you here. All keyword should be comma-separated.
channel keywords
  1. Age-restricted video settings:-In the Advanced menu, you are given a radio button option. This means your channel made for kids or not. If you are making a video for people above the age of 18, then you have to select No and if your video is related to children, then select Yes.
  2. Create a playlist:-click on the playlist option and add a new playlist.
    • advantage of playlist

Creating a playlist also increase the watch time of video and visibility of your channel in the search engine.

12. Create community Post:-Community post includes text, images, GIF, and video. When you post your image or text in this block, then after this, a post reaches whoever is your subscribers and clicks your video. This makes your channel view even more incremental.

13. Stories posting:-Through YouTube story, We can engage our subscribers by posting our short video and images.

Friends, by using all the tips given above, you can make advance settings within the channel and by customizing, you can get good views. Hope you have liked this blog and let me know by commenting in the box.

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